At the 2017 Annual Partner in Excellence Dinner, the East Brunswick Education Foundation Trustees will honor educator Michele McCormick

Michele McCormick began her teaching career in East Brunswick twenty-nine years ago. She started her career teaching seventh grade world history at Hammarskjold School. Fourteen years later she started teaching ninth grade U.S. history at Churchill Junior High School, where she has continued to touch the lives of countless students. Michele resides in Freehold Township and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in secondary education from Douglass College and a Master of Arts degree in education administration. Michele is an active member of the Churchill school community. She has been a mentor to a number of teachers and students. She prides herself on creating a classroom environment of excitement and prepares her students to be young historians. Her students have become active writers and thinkers about historical issues. Michele has put a number of grants from the Churchill PTA and the Foundation to remarkable use in her classroom.

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The East Brunswick Education Foundation is pleased to announce that the following grant has been approved for funding:

A special needs digital music class will be outfitted with the most up to date technology to give students the gift of music!  With this grant, iPads, headphones and a secure charging/storage cart will be utilized by students to use various apps such as Bloom and Mad Pad during class.  Students will be able to create basic music without the complexities of learning an instrument. 

At the 2017 Annual Partner in Excellence Dinner, the East Brunswick Education Foundation Trustees will honor educator Dr. Michael Vinella

Dr. Michael Vinella Mike is the son of two teachers who proudly dedicated much of their lives to helping children. Originally, vowing to go in his own direction he worked in the field of business in Germany and the United States. After his short time in business, and much time traveling, he went back to school to become a teacher. Mike began teaching in East Brunswick in 1995 as a social studies teacher at Churchill. He was fortunate to get off to a good start as his mentor was Michelle McCormick. While at Churchill he also coached wrestling and football. In 2000, Mike moved to EBHS to teach economics and history. In 2004, Mike began his administrative career by becoming an assistant principal at EBHS. From there he was given the opportunity to move over to the board office where he served as the Supervisor of Staff Development, Grants and Testing. A short time later Mike took over as the Supervisor of Social Studies and facilitated the remaining years of the TOOL Grant. During his time as supervisor, Mike thoroughly enjoyed working with K-12 teachers to develop engaging student centered lessons. He learned alongside the great social studies teachers to infuse technology into the learning process, implement netbooks for staff, develop interactive curriculum guides, SMART technology, collaborative staff and student Moodle classrooms so teachers and students had access to one stop 24/7 learning. In 2012, Mike had the honor and privilege to go back home to EBHS and serve as the Principal. During the transition Mike met with students, teachers, and parents regarding the vision for EBHS and established a belief of Achieving Excellence with Honor and Integrity. During his time at EBHS he has worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to expand the infusion of technology to enhance student engagement in the learning process. Together the EBHS team has developed a wired school, Chromebooks for students and staff, hybrid classes and flexible learning spaces. Most recently, he worked as part of a team to develop the EBHS/MCC Pathways program. Mike truly values Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts and is motivated by working with the members of the East Brunswick community. He strives to approach his work with every student as if they were his own children, and receives great satisfaction in watching them succeed in and out of the classroom. He also understands that excellence cannot be achieved without the outstanding work of our great teachers. He enjoys collaborating with teachers and developing an environment where risk taking leads to greater learning. Mike also has greatly appreciated the unwavering support that EBEF has provided to help the teachers to develop new and innovative learning. Finally, he is honored to be part of an administrative team that is second to none. Mike understands that the recognition he is receiving from the EBEF is due in part of the efforts of all of these stakeholders, and is proud to be a part of the EB Team. Mike’s most prized titles are those of husband and father. He is married to wife Sherri, who has patiently put up with him and his time away from the house for 18 years. Mike is also extremely proud of his children Christopher (16), Breanna (13) and Lauren (10). There is nothing more that Mike would rather do than spend time with his family and watch his children participate in their many activities.

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Partner in Excellence Dinner 2017

On Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at the Pines Manor in Edison @ 6 PM, at their 24th Annual Partner in Excellence Dinner, the East Brunswick Education Foundation Trustees will honor educators Dr. Michael Vinella, Michele McCormick and Lori Silver along with community members Holly Howard and Chris Volk/Volk Insurance. Each year this recognition is bestowed upon individuals and/or organizations that epitomize the Foundation’s mission to enhance and enrich the educational experience for the students attending the East Brunswick Public Schools.

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Irwin Elementary School – Pop-UP Learning Christine Connolly, Jean Marie Rinaldi, Casey Buckley, Vanessa Silvia, Kathryn Lehocky, Haley Encarnacion


The East Brunswick Education Foundation is pleased to announce that the following grant has been approved for funding:

Pop-UP classrooms will be created to provide opportunities for a wide range of teaching and learning styles by creating portable learning areas in spaces available for individual and small group instruction.  These carts will be equipped with basic classroom amenities such as small stools and carpet squares, magnetic whiteboards, pencils, crayons, noise cancelling headphones and a Chromebook! Grade appropriate ILA, Mathematics and other materials will be on each Pop-UP classroom based in its location.  Carts will utilize whatever break-out spaces are available.  Whether in a hallway, an open classroom or an office, Pop-UP classrooms will help keep students focused and make learning fun.