Central Elementary School – Science Central:  Hands-On Activities in Programming, Astronomy, and Electricity Carol Smith, Sherri Cagnina, Katie Fabiano and Jeffrey Bressler along with Third Grade TAG students Heidi Hu, Aviti Jain, Melissa Keenan, Candace Liu, Mia Malta, Martin Zhang and Anonymous students


The East Brunswick Education Foundation is pleased to announce that the following grant has been approved for funding:


With this grant, three new science projects will be introduced to the students at Central.  Dot and Dash coding robots will let students have fun with coding as they learn more about computer science and engineering.  They also will learn about digital citizenship.  The program will build on problem solving skills as they work to move their robots through computer code.  Paper Circuits will allow students to explore how electrical circuits work.  They will become engineers as they work to make cards and pictures light up using circuits they have created!  Lastly, is Worlds in Comparison.  In this activity, students will be making different planets using modeling dough.  When complete, students will have three dimensional models that will help show what the planets look like and how they orbit the sun.  


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