Lawrence Brook and Irwin Elementary Schools – Wondering Together:  R.J. Palicio’s Wonder as Shared Reading Christina Lee, Aimee Hagan, Katelyn Yard, Cassandra Namio, Denise Sountis, Jaclyn Reilly and Jeffrey Bressler along with Third Grade TAG students Anna Sawicki, Abigail Lydon, Layla Sheikh, and Ava Gallucci


The East Brunswick Education Foundation is pleased to announce that the following grant has been approved for funding:

In recent years, Lawrence Brook and Irwin have been reading Wonder as a read aloud.  Wonder by R.J. Palacio is an exquisitely written book about a fifth grade boy at a New York City prep school named August Pullman.  August is like any other kid, except for the facial deformity that he was born with.  For this reason, he had been home schooled up until now.  Wonder tells August’s story, and by the end of the book he convinces his new classmates that he is just like them.  This grant will supply each fifth grade student with a copy of the book to follow along with while the teacher is reading.  Having their own copy will enable the students to find details and evidence to support their thoughts and ideas which will build upon group discussions and writing assignments.  Students at both schools will be encouraged to share their reactions, personal connections, and other thoughts in relation to the book with one another. 


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